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Traditional & Digital Solutions for all of your Automotive Marketing Needs

“One voice” across all media!


Traditional Marketing

Media research clearly indicates that the proper mix of Traditional and Digital Media can be extremely effective. Put our Creative and Media teams to work for you and integrate all your Traditional, Digital, Mobile and Social marketing efforts together in one plan!


Digital / Online Marketing

Integrating Digital Media with Traditional Media has never been more vital. Let WorldDealer design one clear campaign across all media that will leverage your marketing and assist you in reaching your target customers. Online plus offline equals the bottom line!


Social and Reputation

Integrate your advertising and infuse your dealership’s personality into a world of 600 million social network consumers. Additionally, monitor and manage what customers are saying about your dealership with our exclusive “authentic review only” process.

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Paul Accinno of WorldDealer

Traditional Marketing Services

TV / Radio Production
WorldDealer produces a wide range of award winning TV and Radio commercials designed to enhance your brand while driving web and floor traffic to your dealership. Creating impact to cut through the automotive clutter and delivering a strong selling message that leverages all your marketing efforts is what we do best. To see more samples visit our YouTube Channel.

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Media Buying
At WorldDealer we create IMPACT for our auto dealers by reaching the right audience at the right time, with the right message AND at the right levels. We develop the most effective media plans based on your market conditions, your brands and your budget. We find that most dealer media plans are a hodge-podge of what they’ve done in the past and what the last rep to leave their office just sold them. It requires experience and discipline to develop an effective media plan. Thanks to advances in media and technology, we can now reach a target audience with relevant advertising content much easier than ever before. That’s why we look at a fragmented advertising marketplace as more of an opportunity than a challenge, if managed efficiently.

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Mail2Web is our exclusive multi-channel dealership advertising campaign that combines the targeted accuracy of traditional direct mail with the power of the web to generate a database of qualified buyers.

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Print Production
Full design services for all of your print needs. Newspaper, Magazine, Direct Mail, and any print challenge you may have.

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POP / Corporate Identity
Dealership and corporate identity packages include posters, banners, mirror hangers, logos & letterhead and anything you need to enhance your event or brand.

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Digital Marketing Services

Responsive Automotive Websites
From top 100 dealer groups to small independent dealers, WorldDealer Search Engine Friendly and OEM Compliant websites are the most flexible and cost efficient responsive websites in the industry and are fully supported by world class service.

Our Responsive Web Design (RWD) platform allows us to craft sites which provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors). Google prefers this platform over an adaptive approach.

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WorldDealer microsites are designed to attract high quality vehicle shoppers through the use of direct mail and online and offline marketing techniques. These techniques can be used in combination with each other or by themselves. We design and host microsites that are built around a specific promotion, event or even specific model launch. These microsites can create a buzz about the brand and the dealership and generate high quality leads from prospective new customers. It can even attract buyers that may not have been in the market at the time, but pull them ahead in their buying cycle. WorldDealer microsites can help create a buzz for you and for your brand.

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Mobile Websites
Be where your customers are on the move. From ANY Web enabled mobile phone, customers will be presented with an easy to use optimized inventory search, vehicle photos and descriptions and instant “click to call” functionality.

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Search Engine Optimization is essential to any digital marketing strategy. Our job as a marketing partner is to drive as much qualified traffic to your website as possible; and then convert those visitors into email, phone, or walk in traffic. It seems simple, but there is a great deal that goes into beating the competition and dominating the search engines.

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SEM / Paid Search
Where do you put your ad dollars on search for the best results? Our technology puts the dollars where they deliver more for less, based on fact, not opinion. Our proprietary technology allows us to focus on Cost Per Lead (CPL) as opposed to most other providers’ Cost Per Click (CPC) data. This is important if you want to maximize your SEM budget. Our goal is to maintain your budget and deliver more and more qualified leads each month. We’re able to do this by figuring out which keywords and phrases deliver leads to your dealership as opposed to those phrases that simply result in traffic. With this knowledge, our Conversion Based Optimization technology allows us, in real time, to put more budget towards the keywords, the search engines, the times/days, and the ads that are generating more sales.

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Reputation & Brand Analytics
WorldDealer understands the importance of maintaining a positive business image. This is why we offer a variety of reputation management services that are designed to not only improve how customers view your business, but will provide data on what strategies are working the best so that you can focus on the most effective business-building plan.

The first step to managing a businesses reputation is to simply monitor the reviews customers are giving. We do this by helping you monitor the top ten sites on the internet, so that you understand how your progress is working and can be alerted when a new review is posted. We also find it important to observe social mentions across the internet for our clients.

With our reputation service, you can understand how your company is compared to close competitors as well as track positive or negative comments and reviews. More importantly, our service makes it easy for you to quickly respond to reviews and comments, without having to take the time to go to each individual website. This means you can save time and resources without neglecting your company’s image.

Automotive Review Sites & Local Business Listing Identity

25% of search results are linked to user-generated content. Is your dealership information correct?

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